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Group of Teenagers

About Melissa Goldstein, LCSW

Individual and Group Therapy for Children, Teenagers, and Adults

Therapy Customized to Meet Your Needs

Melissa Goldstein is a Social Worker with a Strong Background in treating Children, Teenagers, and Adults who are having Mental Health Issues.


As a clinical social worker, Melissa Goldstein has years of experience working with children, teenagers, and adults across Long Island and the metropolitan area.  Melissa specializes in working with individuals who:  

  1. Have various Anxiety Disorders such as Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, and Panic Disorder. 

  2. Suffer from Depression Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and School Refusal.  

Melissa believes in using a multi-disciplinary approach to help her clients and that it is important to include the whole family in the therapeutic process. Treatment modalities include individual, group, and family therapy and are determined on a case-by-case basis. 

She has consulted with school districts on selective mutism and school anxiety and trained school staff to use appropriate interventions to help the student population.  Melissa has also provided treatment for children with selective mutism and social anxiety in their schools.

Recognizing the importance of keeping current with constant changes and developments in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Melissa participates in many professional seminars and courses.

Melissa has a broad and diverse background working with various age groups who face a variety of challenges. After working with children suffering from serious illnesses, and with their families, as a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House in New York City, she obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University, having previously earned a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from Hofstra University.  

Melissa is married and has two teen daughters. She is a compassionate, empathetic, and dedicated individual who loves working with children of all ages, teenagers, adults, and their families. In her free time, Melissa enjoys singing, reading, working out, cooking, and spending time with her family. 

Melissa is available to provide treatment in various locations, including the office, school, and community.

"Positive Vibes Only" isn't a thing.  Humans have a wide range of emotions and that's okay.

Molly Bahr

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