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College Students


Going to and graduating from college are major life transitions that can be very stressful.

Going to and graduating from High School are major life transitions. “I am graduating from high school and going to college: Now what?”

Typical questions:


  1. What college will I get into?

  2. What if I do not get into my dream college?

  3. What if I do get into my dream college and I can’t afford to go?

  4. What if I don’t like my roommate?


“I am graduating from college!  Now what?”   


Typical questions:


  1. I have been in college for four years not living with my parents and now I have to live at home with my parents!  Now what?

  2. What will I do with my life?

  3. I cannot find a job in my major.  I miss college.  I shouldn’t have to be home and have a curfew!

You've survived 100% of your worst days.

Keep going.

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