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What Are You and Your Family Looking Forward To After The COVID-19 Vaccine Rolls Out?

COVID 19. Did you feel like you were on a roller coaster? On Sunday, March 22nd Governor Cuomo began his New York Pause/Lockdown. The world felt like it froze in NY. Thousands of New Yorkers had to wear masks and could not leave their homes to go meet their friends for a cup of coffee. Children could not meet their friends for playdates, ride their bikes or meet up at the playground to play basketball. Children could not have their birthday parties. Restaurants started to shut down everywhere. The lights went out on Broadway. On April 15th, Governor Cuomo shut down all schools in New York for in-person instruction, and virtual learning began for all students.

In the Fall, all schools opened in New York State but there were changes for everyone. Parents, teachers and children all had to make adjustments and change their expectations to what they thought a typical school day should be. With such changes as masks, plastic dividers, virtual learning days every other day, and possibly more changes to come it’s hard to keep up.

Many people cannot believe that this pandemic occurred in their life-time and feel as if it will never end. It has been a long year for everyone. That being said, everything must come to an end. My question to everyone these days is, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO WHEN THINGS START TO GET BETTER? Because things will get better! Vaccines are on their way. Your children will get to go to on playdates with their friends again. They will celebrate their birthday with their friends and family wherever they choose. They will even get to blow out their birthday candles on their birthday cake. Kids will soon run around together, outside, playing their favorite sports.

Have you asked your children what they are looking forward to? Encourage them to think about all the things they are looking forward to doing when this is over. Maybe they are looking forward to going to the movies. I’m sure they are beyond excited to return to school every day rather than the in-person/virtual routine they are living with today. Are your children looking forward to doing something special over the summer?

I suggest that you challenge your children to make a list now and hang it up in their room or on the refrigerator. Encourage them to think about all the things they are looking forward to doing when this is over. You can be sure this will happen. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. See if it brings a smile to their faces. Because right now I am smiling thinking about when I will get to see my next Broadway show, take my children out to celebrate a birthday, and take my dog for a walk down the street without wearing a mask.

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