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in Children, Teenagers, and Adults

Social Anxiety is a Serious Mental Health Condition Which Includes a Persistant Fear of Being Judged or Embarrassed

Children, teenagers, and adults who suffer from social anxiety are typically extremely anxious in social situations such as school, parties, work, and when meeting new people.  They worry about almost everything.  They may worry about being teased by their peers at school, being called on by their teacher, and getting an answer wrong. 


An example can be a child being so worried about wearing the wrong shirt to school that she changes it ten times before choosing the right one but then changes it again.  However, while going through the whole process he or she is screaming and crying. Such children may worry that they will ask their friends a question that they will think is stupid. 


They may worry they will become embarrassed about something in school and that will cause their face to turn red.  This typically causes such children to have anxiety which impacts their work in school.  This can also result in their avoiding going to social engagements, or going to school altogether.   

"We acquire the strength we have overcome."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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