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Anxious Girl Hugging Mother


in Children, Adolescents, and Teenagers

Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is when a child becomes excessively anxious when separated from parents or other loved ones.

Children, adolescents, and teenagers with Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) are afraid of being away from members of their family or other individuals to whom they are close.  Typically, they are afraid that something bad is going to happen to their family member when they are not with that individual. 


Many children and adolescents with this disorder will refuse to go to another person's house for a sleepover.  They may even insist that mom and/or dad stay with them until they fall asleep.  At times they may wake up, and go back into their parent's bed if they wake up, to ensure that their parents are okay.  At times SAD may affect children going to school. 


As such children grow older their worries will change.  Children, adolescents, and some teenagers may refuse to go to camp over the summer.   Some but not all symptoms of SAD are: not willing to sleep alone, nightmares, body-aches, worrying about family members and fear of being alone.

I'm scared they won't come back.

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